How it all began…

The BonbonBall is already for decades an integral part of the Viennese carnival. The BonbonBall becomes an unforgettable event because of its extraordinary atmosphere, the noble surrounding and its good-humoured guests. It’s for sure that everyone, who once visited this exhilarating ball of the sweets industry, comes to the ball the next time too. The BonbonBall attracts its guests not only because it’s a traditional Viennese ball but also because this ball offers its guests already for many years extraordinary performances which make the BonbonBall unique in the Viennese cultural life.

Take part in the fascinating past of a Viennese tradition and become a witness to the history of this alluring institution. The first historical BonbonBall was then called “Sweet Night” and took place at the 29th of January 1947. It was founded by the later chairman Mr. Franz Putz and Mr. Johann Josef Köpf, the uncle of the present organizer of the BonbonBall.

After World War II people longed for entertainment and the BonbonBall was from the first moment on part of this development. Already at that time the BonbonBall was the perfect opportunity for people who love dancing to spend the night in a noble but nevertheless laid-back atmosphere. And even 50 years back any kinds of sweets have been in the centre of the ball. Until 1955 this event was called “Sweet Night”. In the same year the first election of the Miss Bonbon took place and the long-time companion of the BonbonBall Mr. Putz took the chair of the ball.

Gründer KomR. Hans Putz und Regierungsrat Johann Josef Köpf

Erste Miss Bonbon – Eva Jakob