• Dear customers,

    The ball office will be closed on ball day, 21 February 2020.

    Tickets that have already been paid for and not picked up will be automatically deposited at the box office in the Wiener Konzerthaus, 1030 Vienna, Lothringerstraße 20, from 7 p.m. to 12 p.m.

    Please bring photo identification with you to pick up your tickets.

    Remaining tickets are still available at the Wiener Konzerthaus, at the box office and at our advance booking offices.

    We wish you a sweet and lively ball night.

  • Entrance tickets

    There are two different tickets available for the BonbonBall entry:

    • ordinary tickets: € 110.-
    •  price-reduced tickets: € 55.- – ONLY reduced for students, pupils and trainees at Austrian Armed Forces or social service (” Zivil- und Grundwehrdiener”).

    Student tickets are available for students, military and civil service up to the age of 27 years and pupils under the age of 19. Holder of BonbonBall student tickets have to proof their status by showing a valid ID, if asked.

  • Loges

    Loge (price per Loge, in addition to entry tickets)

    • Loge Parterre (for 6 persons) :  660.-
    • Loge Estrade (for 8 persons): €  730.-
  • Place cards

    Place Card: (price per person, in addition to entry tickets,):

    • Prinzensaal Room:              € 35.-   per seat
    • Casali Palm Tree Room: € 35.-   per seat
    • Wotruba Room:                € 35.-   per seat
    • Foyer:                                  € 30.-   per seat
    • Festsaal:                             € 50.-  per seat