A ball fit for kings and emperors and the (sugar) rush of crowning the sweetest of all ball queens – the Viennese BonbonBall, a renowned get-together of Austrian sweets and confectionery craftspeople – can easily be dubbed the sweetest night of the year. An exquisite cross between imperial-style ball, beauty pageant and lavish feast this extravagant night continues to impress and enthral visitors and locals alike – and its 68th anniversary promises to become a birthday bash to remember.

Having a ball in both senses of the word – that’s something the Viennese truly know a thing or two about. With Vienna’s event calendars chock-full with dance events during ball season, there are plenty of differently themed balls to choose from for every taste. Amidst a host of long-standing events, however, one night definitely tastes sweeter than all others: the Viennese BonbonBall, the get-together of the world-famous Austrian sweets and confectionery craftspeople stands out even in the glittering kaleidoscope of Viennese dance events.

The BonbonBall, i.e. the “confectionery ball”, is held every year in February in the resplendent setting of the world famous Vienna Concert Hall – a hall rarely even open to dance events. What started as a display of confidence and hope in the dire setting of post-war Vienna in 1947 has long since become a celebration of the sweeter aspects of life.

“Ballroom dancing and a celebration of confectionery – that’s no obvious pairing. But we believe that the joy of music and dancing and the pleasures of confectionery go together very nicely – they cause happiness, and what causes happiness deserves to be celebrated”, explains Heinz Alphonsus, organiser of the extravagant event.

“Having a ball the sweetest possible way – that’s something we know, in both senses of the word. For this reason we also crown a sweet ambassador – Miss Bonbon. She is our representative of the sweetness of life in a world that’s often too bitter. We’re not looking for a traditional model type here, it’s verve and joie de vivre that count”, Alphonsus continues.

Indeed, the crowning of “Miss Bonbon” has long since become a highlight of the evening. The title can be obtained by every lady in attendance; the contest is part of the evening’s entertainment programme. The winner not only obtains a crown and sash but her weight in traditional Viennese Manner wafers is also donated to a Viennese charity.

This year, the spectacular event will celebrate its 68th anniversary on the usual sugar high.

A host of celebrities and artists have taken the project under their auspices to guarantee that the 68th BonBonBall will become an unforgettable birthday bash. They will be guiding through the evening as tradition wants it, from the debutante’s opening dance to the traditional midnight event. “It will be a tribute to the best of Viennese ballroom culture reminiscent of the imperial splendour of our city’s past, and at the same time and above all a night to remember”, says Alphonsus.

The BonbonBall will take place 24th February 2017 in the noble setting of the Vienna Concert Hall. For further information and tickets go to www.bonbonball.at