Winemaker Judith is Miss Bonbon 2019

When sweet seduction meets swinging dance music – then it’s time: the 70th BonbonBall was traditionally held last Friday at the Vienna Konzerthaus. Around three tons of sweets could be eaten by the approximately 4,000 visitors right on the spot or even ‘for bad times’. And one thing is clear: if you want to be Miss at the BonbonBall, you have to like Manner! For Miss Bonbon 2019 Judith Steindl was chosen, who immediately let herself be weighed out in Manner cuts – of course everything for a good cause.

“It was certainly the sweetest ball night of the year,” explains organizer Heinz Alphonsus.

Under the patronage of Vienna’s provincial governor and mayor Dr. Michael Ludwig, represented by state parliamentarian Mag. Marcus Schober and the provincial governor of Upper Austria Mag. Thomas Stelzer, the presenter duo Alfons Haider and Kati Bellowitsch opened the anniversary ball of the Viennese confectionery industry and specialist confectionery shops with a swing.

“The BonbonBall is probably the only ball in Vienna at which the suit and dress must not be too tight, because here you can – and are – eaten to your heart’s content,” says the organizer. “And with the balloon rain we always provide additional sport, because everyone wants to win one of the coveted prizes.

In addition to all these temptations, this year a couple went home especially happy from the ball: they can look forward to a trip to New York, which was made available by holiday guru especially for the anniversary, including flight, 4-star hotel and musical tickets.

The sweet counterweight of the ball queen was traditionally counterbalanced with men’s cuts and this year counted 736 packets donated to the St. Anna Children’s Hospital.

“I’m very happy about being voted Miss Bonbon and I quickly had a few sweets to eat so that we could get out quite a few packs of Mannerschnitten,” explains the 30-year-old winemaker from Haugsdorf, who took over her grandparents’ Pröstler Winery in 2017. In her spare time, Judith is involved with the fire brigade and the rural youth and sings in a youth choir.

Numerous prominent sweet tooth cats and chocolate tigers were also spotted:

Charity lady Yvonne Rueff, stage designer Manfred Waba, dance master Roman E. Svabek, dancing stars juror Hannes Nedbal, actor Martin Leutgeb, actor Klaus Brantzen as well as KommR Erwin Pellet from politics and business, Dr. Suzanne Rödler, Centre of Precision Medicine at the Med University of Vienna, Gerhard Fritz, Post AG, Dr. Suzanne Rödler, Chairman of the Board of Management of Mann, Dr. Gerhard Fritz, Post AG, were all present. Hans Peter Andres, HEINDL Confectionery Manager Walter Heindl and Andreas Heindl, Griesson – de Beukelaer Country Manager Andreas Obermayr, El Gaucho owner Franz Grossauer with GF Peter Kazianschütz, Gastro legend Willy Turecek, heart specialist Franz Xaver Roithinger, Honorary President KommRiede Elfriede Györgyfalvay, Ambassador José Antonio Marcondes de Carvalho, Brazilian Embassy, Ambassador Marieta Garcia Jordán, Cuban Embassy and many more. not to miss the sweetest ball night of the year.